Summer Camp Staff

Staff FAQs

BDC’s dynamic teaching and counseling staff range in age from 18-75+ years. Our year-round professional teachers at The Family Schools, Inc. are joined each season by college and graduate students who come from all over the country.  Together, they create our BDC community June through August. Though new faces join us each summer, many BDC staff members have been a part of our community for some – or most – of their lives, having spent their early years as campers or young students in our programs.

In all of our educational programs, professional educators support children and families through teaching excellence. In our work, we support and strengthen each family’s own culture. We believe that families are the most effective teachers of their growing children. Through our extensive training programs, we teach adults about the subtle art of education and child raising. In all that we do, we recognize the unique learning styles of each child. Because of our innovative teaching philosophy, we are especially suited to work with children and families who may have found difficulty learning in other settings. At TFS Inc. we build educational partnerships which help children and adults find success together. This dual mission – teaching adults (staff and families) as well as educating children – lies at the very heart of our work at 3570 Main Street.

The Family Schools, Inc. (and therefore Brewster Day Camp) embraces diversity in staff, students, families, and curriculum. TFS Inc. and BDC do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, culture, age, religion, political beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or ability.  


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Camp is powerful Life Skills & Job Skills Development for staff:


 When can I apply to work at BDC? BDC has two important employment criteria:

  • BDC staff members are at least 18 years of age (or) are 17 and have graduated from high school by their first day of employment in late June.
  • BDC staff members must be enrolled in and pursuing a college education when working at camp. While BDC embraces the wonderful qualities of older high school students, we encourage rising 11th & 12th graders to pursue different challenges. Especially for past BDC campers, this policy creates an important “gap” after their Camper Leader Program summers, before applying to join our staff.


What educational resources are available to staff ?

 What type of people work at Brewster Day Camp? BDC hires people who:

  • Possess a genuine love for the camp experience and working outdoors.
  • Understand and support BDC’s mission: To Support Children and Families with Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace.
  • Have experience working with young children as well as with teams of adults.
  • Are eager to work hard and have fun while making magic happen for campers.
  • Are 18 years of age or older (OR) have graduated from high school before reporting for their first day of employment and are pursuing a college education.
  • Are qualified for the specific position for which they are applying. In some cases, additional certifications, licenses, or specialized degrees may be required.
  • Are in compliance with MA State Camp Employment Law by completing a written application, providing three written references from non-family members, conduct a face-to-face interview with a director, and submit to CORI & SORI (criminal & sex offender) background checks prior to joining us on campus.


 What is the Staff Application Process? New and Returning Staff have two different tracks:

New Staff

Complete the online Staff Application.
Next, fill out the New Staff  Written Interview in your “Forms”.
The BDC Directors will contact your references.
When a position matches your skills, we will notify you to schedule a face-to-face interview.

We accept online applications and references throughout the year. Our main hiring initiative for New Staff begins in January for the coming summer and continues until all positions are filled.

Returning Staff

Please complete the Staff Application, and the Returning Staff Written Interview on your “Forms”.

The BDC Directors will be in touch with you once your application is complete.


 Who can help me with the application process?

We only communicate with the staff applicant directly:

  • A valuable part of the hiring process is direct communication between BDC and the staff applicant. Parents or family members of staff applicants are not a part of the hiring process and may not be used as references.
  • Though we can understand why some parents (especially those of former campers) may want to check-in regarding your staff application, we are only able to discuss employment matters with the applicant. While this is BDC policy, it also meets state and national employment law standards with which we must legally comply.
  • Please discuss this policy with your parents and family members. Thank you in advance for your (and your parent/family members) understanding of BDC staff application guidelines.


 When will I receive my Staff Contract? BDC has some strict contract deadlines:

  • All seasonal staff contract materials must be signed and returned by June 1st. Any certification cards must be submitted to the camp office for additional compensation.
  • An up-to-date physical exam (within one year of the start of camp) and an up-to-date Immunization Record certifying that you are healthy to work is required by state law.


 What are the important staff dates for this summer? 2022 Camp Employment Dates:

  • Optional: Camp Set-Up Week: June 14 – 25, 2022
  • Mandatory:
    • Staff Training Week: June 27- July 1, 2022
    • Camp Season: July 5 – August 19, 2022
    • July 4th Holiday: No work (camp closed) on Monday, July 4th
    • Camp Close-Down Day & Staff Banquet: Saturday, August 20, 2022

 What are the Staff Salaries?

BDC has a published pay scale for each job level:

  • Salaries start at ~$4,500 for new tent counselors, and returning employees are eligible for longevity pay. Employees are also eligible to be  paid for certifications and degrees.
  •  The total salary is taxed and broken into bi-weekly pay periods. All employees are paid through Direct Deposit.
  • Tax forms (W-2’s) are mailed to the same address in late January.

 What are the work hours?
Specific work hours vary by position and team:

  • Most staff members work 8:00am-5:00pm Monday thru Friday, with a one hour break.
  • Staff are contracted to work a 40 hr. week, with some additional commitments depending on a person’s specific role at camp.


 Do you provide staff housing?

BDC staff find their own living arrangements:

  • BDC does not provide staff housing or transportation. If needed however, some assistance is provided in finding living arrangements. Many Cape families are in need of live-in summer childcare providers or may exchange housing for landscaping/caretaking work. Contact the BDC Directors if you have any questions or concerns regarding your housing situation.


 Where is the camp? BDC is located in the “lower Cape” section of Cape Cod:

  • Our campus is located at 3570 Main Street (Rt. 6A) in Brewster, Massachusetts, USA.
  • BDC is one mile from Cape Cod Bay, three miles from the Atlantic Ocean, and ninety miles from Boston, MA and Providence, RI. Located at the “elbow’ of the arm of Cape Cod, BDC is nestled between the towns of Dennis, Orleans, Chatham, and Harwich.
  • Nickerson State Park is our closest neighbor.
  • The Cape Cod Rail Trail is located near campus via paved sidewalks, providing easy and safe bicycling along the entire “arm” of the Cape.


 How much time off is provided? BDC provides ample time off:

  • As a day camp, Saturdays, Sundays, and evenings are yours to enjoy all that Cape Cod has to offer in the summer. Excellent biking, swimming, sailing, boating, beach-combing, socializing, shopping, etc.
  • BDC staff members are expected to attend all of Staff Training Week and work the entire 7-Week Camp Season (9-week commitment).
  • BDC is closed on July 4th for the National Holiday, so no one is contracted to work that day.


 What if I have more questions? We are happy to help you:

  • Please carefully review all sections of our website.
  • Pose any additional questions to our office by emailing or by calling 888-396-CAMP (2267). Thank you!
  • If you enjoy working with children and love the outdoors, please read the following exciting information about Brewster Day Camp and consider working with us this summer on Cape Cod!