Dates and Rates

Dates & Rates

Join us for our 37th Season!

Day Camp Rates and DatesBDC DATES 2018:

Week #1 June 25-29
Week #2 June 2-July 6 (CLOSED: Wednesday, July 4th National Holiday)
Week #3 July 9-July 13
Week #4 July 16-20
Week #5 July 23-27
Week #6 July 30-August 3
Week #7 August 6 – 10
Week #8 August 13-17

View and download our full 2018 Season Camp Calendar which includes Special Event Days, Trips & Lessons.

BDC Rates and Discounts for 2018 Season Coming Soon!

BDC Rates and Discounts 2017 Season:

Regular Camper Rates

(K – Grade 8):
Camper Enrollment Fee: $60
Weekly: $585
Holiday Week: $475 (camp closed Tuesday, July 4th)
Full-Summer (all 39 days) Special Rate: $4095 with $60 Enrollment Fee Waived

EXTRA Lessons, Trips & Other Experiences

Semi-Private Swim Lessons, Tennis, Golf & SUP: $45 per weekly lesson
Horseback Riding: $99 per weekly lesson
Sailing School: $125 per two-day weekly session – $250 for whole week
BDC Surf School: $155 per camper
BDC After Dark: $75 per camper

Young Children’s Program (For children infant to age five)

Camper Enrollment Fee: $60
Weekly: $585
Holiday Week: $475 (camp closed Monday, July 4th)
Full-Summer (all 39 days) Special Rate: $4095 with Enrollment Fee Waived
3-Day Week (MWF or TWTh): $465
2-Day Week (T&Th): $335
Camp Dates
Single Day Week: $195
Customized Scheduling: $195 per day

Camper Leader Program (9th & 10th grade):

Application Fee: $60
Weekly: $435
Holiday Week: $345 (camp closed Monday, July 4th)
3-Day Week (MWF or TWTh): $345
2-Day Week (T&Th): $255
Single Day Week: $135

Discounts & Scholarships

Must enroll prior to May 1st to obtain the following discounts:
5% Sibling Discount applied to second (or subsequent) camper tuitions for families enrolling multiple campers (must reside in the same household during the school year).
5% Local Student Scholarship applied to camper tuition for those enrolled in Cape Cod schools (or homeschooled on Cape Cod).
CCN Vouchers: BDC accepts a limited number of Child Care Network Vouchers as payment for camp. Families wishing to use a CCN Voucher to pay for camp should contact us ASAP, as a CCN Waitlist currently exists for new families wishing to pay for camp with a voucher.

Schedule Changes, Refunds, Added Time & Cancellation

Schedule Changes and/or Refunds of pre-paid tuition are offered through May 1st.
After May 1st, added weeks and EXTRAS are accommodated on a space-available basis.
Cancellation or dropped time is offered prior to May 1st only. No refunds will be given after May 1st, for any reason.

Early Bird Enrollment

Early Bird Enrollment is available each fall between September 1st and October 15th for returning families – those with us the previous season. Early Bird Enrollment affords huge savings! Pre-pay in-full at last season’s rates and receive double discounts (when applicable) for Sibling Discounts (10%) and/or Local Student Scholarships (10%). The $60 Enrollment Fee is also waived during the Early Bird Enrolling time. Contact the Camp Winter Office by email HERE to enroll as an Early Bird. 

Camp Day

BDC is a full-day program. Families wishing their campers to participate on a partial day basis, must enroll for and pay full day rates. The camp day runs from 8:30am-4:30pm with a grace period for early drop off beginning at 7:30am and late pick up until 5:30pm. There is no additional fee for this supervised extended day. If an 8+ hour camp day is a challenge for your child, campers may be dismissed early for pick-up by parents or guardians, or arrive later in the day. Please inform the BDC office at drop-off if you are planning an early pick up prior to 4:30pm.

Camper Success

BDC is a fully integrated, mainstreamed camp. To ensure the success of all children, please let us know prior to enrollment if your child has ANY special needs. BDC considers highly allergic campers, as well as campers with any physical, cognitive, OR emotional needs to be campers with special needs. If your child has special needs, please inform the Camp Director PRIOR to enrollment to ensure that proper accommodations are made to ensure the success of your child on our campus. If your child has an IEP from his/her school, this IEP must be provided to BDC upon enrolling. The Camp Director may be in touch to discuss the best ways to support your child at BDC.

Discounts and Scholarships

BDC offers 6 different Discounts and Scholarships: 1) Early Bird Rates 2) Sibling Discount- see details below. 3) Local Student Scholarships – see details below. 4) Single-Week Local Family Grants – given to local charities and elementary school principals to raffle or distribute as they see fit. 5) Child Care Network and other grants – are accepted by BDC on a limited basis. Families wishing to apply for CCN or CCP Grants should contact those agencies and secure funding prior to enrollment in camp at BDC. 6) BDC works with local organizations (other camps, churches, civic organizations, businesses, etc.) who supplement individual camper’s tuition with seasonal scholarship funding. Added time during camp is not discounted.

Enrollment Process

Enroll via our website at by using BDC’s on-line form. BDC no longer uses paper enrollment forms or mails pre-enrollment packets. Upon receipt of the completed materials and tuition, a space will be held for your child pending availability. (See Wait List below.) A confirmation letter is emailed to you containing an account statement reflecting any remaining balance due. Any changes to your enrollment should be immediately directed to the Winter Office at (888) 396-CAMP (2267) or email: In mid-May, a Parent Packet is mailed to you which includes a neon pink postcard welcoming your child to BDC and confirming your child’s group placement. For questions about your child’s placement, please contact our Enrolling Office immediately. A car tag is also enclosed to help expedite pick-up at the end of each day. On your child’s first day of camp, please bring this neon card to camp so that we may better assist you!

Adding Time To An Existing Schedule

Days may be added to an existing schedule either by calling or emailing our Enrolling Office during the off season or by visiting the BDC Office when camp is in session. Discounts are only available upon initial enrollment.

Gifts and Contributions

Your contribution to the non-profit Family Schools, Inc. Foundation for Family Education is welcome. Please make donation checks payable to the Foundation for Family Education. Please include a separate check for your camp tuition payment. Your gift, fully tax-deductible, will be honored by a letter of tax deduction. Thank you in advance for contributing to another child’s success at Brewster Day Camp. We especially salute all grand folks who support campers at BDC!

Inclement Weather

Camp remains open and follows an indoor schedule on rainy days. All lessons take place rain or shine including Semi-Private Swim Lessons which offer a “dry curriculum” focusing on safety issues and strength training. BDC Trips run as long as the destination remains open. If the destination closes, BDC will refund the trip fee. In the event of a natural disaster, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, the campus will be closed. No refunds will be given in the event of a natural disaster.

Local Student Scholarships

Students officially enrolled in schools located between the Bourne/Sagamore Bridges and Provincetown (or are homeschooled on the Cape full-time) may request a Local Student Scholarship. These scholarships are 10% of the total tuition during the Early Bird enrolling season, and 5% during the Winter enrolling months (October 16th- April 30th). These scholarships are no  longer offered after May 1st. Proof of local school/home schooling enrollment may be required at the time of camp registration.


All families are required to provide a nutritious lunch for their children. BDC recommends that campers bring their lunch in an insulated lunch bag or cooler, with a freezer pack, to maintain freshness on hot summer days. All lunch remnants are returned home each day, and no food or drinks are stored in the tents overnight. Chewing gum is never welcome at BDC. Trading food at BDC is strictly prohibited due to the dietary restrictions of some campers. Please discuss this trading policy with your child. If a child arrives at camp without a lunch or with an insufficient lunch, BDC will make every effort to contact the family. If the family is unreachable, BDC will provide a lunch for the child, the cost of which will be billed to the family.

Payment Responsibility

The parent or guardian whose signature appears on the Brewster Day Camp Application and Enrollment Form is responsible for full payment of all tuition, costs, and fees. In cases of divorce or separation, the registering parent is responsible for all tuition, costs, and fees. Dual or split billing is only possible if both parents enroll campers for separate schedules. Once camp is in session, all outstanding bills must be paid in full prior to adding time at camp or adding EXTRAS.

Penalty Fees

  • Insufficient Funds Fee: Accounts with returned checks or declined credit cards are assessed a $50 fee.
  • Late Pick Up Fee: Families who pick up campers any time after 5:30pm will be charged a $50 fee upon arrival.
  • Outstanding Balance Fee: Accounts with a balance after May 1st will be assessed a monthly late fee of $50.
  • Schedule Change Fee: One change to an existing schedule will be accommodated, free of charge, pending availability, and prior to May 1st. After the first change, a $50 Schedule Change Fee will be assessed for subsequent changes. There is no Schedule Change Fee applied when adding time at BDC!

Policy Exemptions

In the event that you wish to request a personal exemption from one or more of BDC’s stated policies, please write a letter to the Executive Director, Marcia Galazzi, explaining the details of your request. Exceptions to our policies may only be granted at the discretion of the Executive Director.

Pre-Camp Check List

In order for your child to participate in any BDC program or activity the following must be on file in our office:

  • Completed and signed Enrollment Form.
  • Payment in full for tuition and BDC EXTRAS (Trips, Lessons, etc. see EXTRAS brochures for details.)
  • Your Physician’s Immunization Form must be in our office by May 1st and must include proof of immunization and date of last physical exam within one year of attending BDC.

Refund Policy

Prior to May 1st, full refunds of Tuition and Extras will be given. All refund checks are mailed out on May 15th. After May 1st, in the event of the withdrawal, dismissal, or absence of your child from camp, no portion of the tuition fee will be refunded or waived by Brewster Day Camp and/or The Family Schools, Inc. There is no refund to families or guardians who withdraw during the camp season. BDC understands that unforeseen circumstances may arise which prevent your child from coming to camp on a given day. Given the complexities of the camp schedule, days may NOT be exchanged or traded for any reason. No time will be transferred into “credit” to be used for the present or subsequent summers; nor shall missed camp days be traded for EXTRAS (Trips, Lessons, Special Events & Merchandise.) In the event that your child is unable to attend or chooses not to attend an EXTRA, no refunds, exchanges, or credits will be made.

Schedule Changes

Prior to May 1st, pending availability, BDC may accommodate ONE schedule change request without an added charge. Adding time to an existing schedule is not considered a schedule change. Requests for more than one schedule change prior to May 1st will incur a $50 Schedule Change Fee. Time dropped from a camper’s schedule prior to May 1st will be fully refunded. After May1st, schedule changes, refunds, credits, or reductions in tuition will not be granted for any reason. Given the complexities of the camp schedule, days may NOT be exchanged or traded for any reason. No time will be transferred into “credit” to be used for the present or subsequent summers; nor shall missed camp days be traded for EXTRAS (Trips, Lessons, Special Events & Merchandise).

Sibling Discounts

BDC offers various Sibling Discounts on tuition when enrolling September 1- May 1.  BDC defines siblings as related or adopted children living at the same address during the school year, with the same parent or guardian who is solely responsible for all tuition costs. The first child pays full tuition and every child thereafter receives the Sibling Discount on equal or lesser tuition. Sibling Discounts apply to tuition only and not to BDC EXTRAS (Trips, Lessons, Special Events & Merchandise.) Multiple grandchildren being funded by and residing with a grandparent during summer months, may be considered “siblings” on an individual basis, and at the Director’s discretion. Please contact the Camp Office with specific questions regarding this and any other applicable discounts.

Wait List

When first choice schedules are not available upon enrollment, BDC maintains a Camper Wait List until May 1st. Campers are accepted from the Wait List based on available space and length of desired schedule, and will be notified by telephone as soon as space becomes available. After May 1st enrollment moves to a first come, first served basis.