COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

2021 COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure

Brewster Day Camp complies with all regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is licensed through the Brewster Board of Health.

Daily Screening

Parents must screen their campers before arriving on campus. Screening will include symptoms of COVID-19, administration of fever-reducing medication, and exposure to positive cases and/or close contacts. Staff will monitor campers continuously throughout the day for symptoms of illness and will immediately send camper to Health Office for evaluation if signs of illness are present.

Screening at Drop Off:

Daily Screening includes verbal confirmation that your child and any other household members are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and your child is not currently required to be in isolation, Staff will assess each camper for signs of illness throughout the day.

Screening Throughout the Day:

  • Actively monitor campers for signs of illness
  • Have a non-contact or temporal thermometer on-site
  • Follow policies and procedures for isolation if someone is showing signs of illness
  • Keep track of who individuals come into contact with throughout the day

Mask Wearing

All campers and staff are required to wear facial coverings while entering campus, until they are in their cohorts, as well as indoors, off-campus and while riding transportation.

Social Distancing

Campers and staff will socially distance whenever possible. Program spaces are designed to facilitate 3’ of distance between cohorts. Indoor program spaces are designed to facilitate 3’ of distance between campers and staff. Use of communal space will be staggered, when possible, to allow for distancing and cleaning.


Campers and staff will wash hands and/or sanitize whenever necessary, including upon arrival at camp, before and after meals, after bathroom use, after coughing/sneezing, and after contact with any bodily fluids or high-touch surfaces that may be contaminated. Signage will be posted throughout camp emphasizing the importance of distancing, mask-wearing, and hand washing.

Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sanitizing

All cleaning will be performed wearing gloves. High-touch surfaces will be sanitized and disinfected as needed throughout the day and at the end of the day. Communal or shared spaces will be sanitized and disinfected regularly between group’s use of the space, equipment, materials, etc. Equipment will be cleaned in accordance with CDC regulations.

Isolation & Discharge of Symptomatic or Exposed Campers/Staff

Symptomatic, exposed, or mildly ill campers and staff will be sent to Health Office for immediate evaluation by Healthcare Supervisor. If campers/staff are determined to be symptomatic, exposed, taking fever-reducing medication, they will be placed in an isolation room in the Health Office. HCS will immediately contact Camp Director and notify the camper’s family to remove the camper from camp.

Isolation & Discharge of Symptomatic or Exposed Campers/Staff – Off-Campus

If camper becomes ill or symptomatic off-campus, Staff will immediately notify Camp Office and camper should be removed from the group. A Director will use camp van to pick up the ill camper and bring to Health Office for evaluation. This transportation will remove the camper from the group and maintain isolation prior to evaluation by Healthcare Supervisor.

Criteria for Seeking Medical Assistance

Camper/staff should seek medical assistance if they have in the past 24 hours experienced any of the following, but not limited to: Fever (>100.00F), sore throat, difficulty breathing, gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting), fatigue, headache, new loss of smell/taste, muscle aches, other signs of illness.

Positive Case Protocol

Camp Director will immediately report positive cases to the Brewster Board of Health using the Injury Reporting Form and notify CSP within 48 hours.


If campers become ill while on campus the child is isolated in the nurse’s office.  The nurse determines after evaluating the camper if the child needs to go home.  The nurse contacts the camper’s family or if unable to reach the parents calls the “emergency” contact (as designated on the camper application form)


Medication is only administered by the camp nurse.  The nurse may only administer medication from an original prescription bottle prescribed by the camper’s doctor.  The parent and doctor must also complete the Authorization to Administer Medication Form which stays on file in the nurse’s office.  A record is also kept in the Brewster Day Camp Medical Log. Parents, upon arrival must sign the medical log. All medication is stored in a locked refrigerator/medication box in the nurse’s office.  Parents give permission for the nurse to administer Tylenol on the application form.

Accident or Serious Illness

A parent is notified by phone as soon as any accident, however minor, has occurred.  If a parent cannot be reached, and the accident is judged to be minor by our camp nurse, the incident is recorded in the child’s daily notes and a parent is informed as soon as possible or at pick up.  If additional medical consultation is needed, the nurse will call: First, the child’s pediatrician; second, the camp Health Care Consultant. For additional medical services, the child may be transported by the Brewster Rescue Squad to Cape Cod Hospital.  The Brewster Rescue Squad, if called, is required to bring any accident or emergency case to Cape Cod Hospital.  Accident or Serious Illness includes but is not limited to: Head Injuries, Fractures, Sunstroke, Abdominal Pain and Tenderness, and Emotional Breakdown.

Parents may request verification of background checks, healthcare, and disciplinary policies.