Camper FAQs

Stroll the Welcome Walk with your family then sign in at your Hill Board. Your Hill Head and Tent Counselor will be there to: greet you, show you to your tent, help you meet some friends, say good bye to your folks, and go play!
☺ Remember you can introduce yourself to the Directors on the Welcome Walk daily from 8-9AM and 4-5PM.
Located on the outgoing driveway just behind the BDC Office is our Hello and Go path. A counselor will greet you and help you out of your car. Any pertinent information from your parents will be passed on to your Tent Counselor by the BDC Staff person greeting you.
Yes. BDC Camper Expectations are posted on the Hill Boards and in our Welcome Letter. Please take a moment to read them with your family. Always remember to share your: Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace!
Our online camp newsletter, called eWAVES, is published Sunday mornings in-season and the first of the month in the off-season and is one way we keep our families involved and getting all of the latest BDC news! Make sure you are getting your copy by posting your email address in the footer at the bottom of the page!
The Bathhouse is near the pool. The portable toilets are located outside the pool, on Mariners Hill, and near the basketball area. The Health Center also has a bathroom for emergencies.
If you feel sick or are hungry or cold, or just uncomfortable in any way, tell your Tent Counselor! He/she will take you to our Health Center, which is located on the lower level of the Salt Box Building. They have everything needed to get campers feeling well enough to return to their tents, or to make a call home for an early pick-up if needed.
On rainy days, we play games and have fun in dry locations such as the Yurts, the Big Top, and Brewster Baptist Church Activity Hall. The oldest campers may go ice skating or bowling. On rainy days…always bring warm clothes, long pants, socks, your raincoat, and a smile! (Please leave umbrellas at home.)
You may store your backpack and lunch in your own labeled “cubby” in your tent. Cubbies are cleaned out at the end of each day.
We encourage all campers to challenge themselves and have fun in each activity. Let your Tent Counselor know if you are feeling uncomfortable. He/she will help you feel safe and successful in all of our activities or get you some help if you need it.
Yes, of course you may. Please ask your Tent Counselor to take you to your Hill Head or a Director. A staff person will then accompany you to the BDC Office to make the call. Please leave your cell phone at home. While we are on the subject of cell phones...please leave all technology and “toys” at home. Talk to your Hill Head if you are unclear about this.
Yes, on a very limited basis and only with permission from your parents and your Hill Head. We discourage camera use at BDC yet understand that some kids really like photos!
Wear comfortable clothes, sunscreen, and if your swim lesson is your first activity, wear your bathing suit. Girls, please wear tankinis, which cover your midsection, or a one piece bathing suit. Flip-flops are fine, but bring sneakers for Archery, MUGS, Field Sports, and ECOD. Please wear long hair tied back at all times and especially in the pool. Feet must be covered except when going to and from the pool. A second bathing suit may be helpful for days when your swim lesson and a trip to the waterfront are back-to-back and you want a dry suit.
Yes! Your parent or guardian may add a Trip, Lesson, or add time to your schedule by going to the BDC Office. If space is available, you may sign up for an EXTRA on that day. Lessons require a bit more planning. See the BDC Office for details.
Please save your spending money for the weekends. Leave your money at home, even when on a BDC Trip or Lesson off-campus.
If you wish to go home with a friend, your parent or guardian MUST come to the BDC Office and provide written permission and contact information.
Please leave your gum at home. Gum gets stuck in our hair, on our shoes, and in our pool filters, to name just a few pesky places!
Every camper has a daily Red Cross swim lesson. We encourage all campers to wear a suit to the pool and take part in the lesson to the best of his/her ability. If you feel uncomfortable, tell your Tent Counselor! If you are physically unable to participate, please bring a note from your parent/guardian to the Swim Director or the Health Center. BDC Water Safety Instructors are awesome! They help kids feel safe and comfortable around water. They train great swimmers and have lots of fun, too. Our special pool water will not sting your eyes, either! Ask us how when you get to camp.
Your Tent Counselor can help you find a good time to visit and/or eat lunch together.
Please tell your Tent Counselor if you are hungry. He or she will let you know how long until lunch or snack time, and help you get some food if it seems like too long to wait. Please let us know what you need – we are always here to help you!
Every camper receives a necklace or dog tag on his or her 1st day of camp. At the activities, campers earn different colored beads or notches to put on the necklace to help you track your achievements at camp.

When you have other questions about camp, please ask us! We are always happy to help you in any way that we can. If you think that we should put other questions on this Frequently Asked Camper Questions section of our website, please email us HERE.