Camper Leader Program (9th-10th Graders)

Leadership ProgramBDC’s Camper Leader Program is a unique summer opportunity for our oldest campers (rising 9th and 10th graders).

Participants of the Camper Leader (CL) program build skills and confidence in becoming a competent leader in an adult workforce while gaining job and life skills.

Camper Leaders are fully registered CAMPERS at BDC.

The goals of the CL program are to:

  • provide rising 9th and 10th graders with an extended camp experience by emerging them in the Central Schedule, where they will challenge themselves physically, mentally, and creatively in all activity areas offered at Brewster Day Camp.
  • lead CLs in daily group discussions and training sessions that center around effective communication, leadership, and team problem-solving skills
  • engage CLs in a mentor program that provides hands-on training and experience working with different ages and programs at BDC, and a working knowledge of appropriate child development teaching strategies when working with young children

Camper leaders, and their director, participate in BDC activities each week (Art, Archery, BDOC, ECOD, LEAP, Sports, STAR, Swim and BASE)

Camper leaders, with their director, may choose a 2nd year tent counselor (Sailors or Mariners Hill), activity head, or classroom teacher to shadow each week. The staff member must be fully willing to commit to this week-long mentorship. When not at an activity or CL group meeting, Camper Leaders will be attached to their tent group/activity/classroom.

Camper Leaders, and their director, are expected to model exemplary camper behavior at all times; abide by camp rules and policies (including cell phone use policies); and be the best representation of BDC possible while off campus.


Camper Leader Registration Process:

Camper Leader Program registration starts with the Brewster Day Camp online application. Click HERE to begin our registration process.

Once applied, all Camper Leader applicants, first-year and returning, must complete the Camper Leader Written Interview.

Camper Leader Written Interview:

This portion of the application process MUST be completed by the applying CAMPER LEADER with limited to no adult assistance. The purpose of the written interview is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for the camper to introduce themselves to the CL Director;
  • Encourage the camper to review his/her strengths and weaknesses and consider how these attributes factor into the camper’s performance in this program;
  • Simulate other written application processes such as college or other job applications;
  • Allow the camper to outline personal goals for the summer and begin to define strategies to accomplish their goals at BDC.

To complete the CL Written Interview, please access your CampMinder Account HERE.


Leaders in training


Camper Leader applicants must be: 

  • A rising 9th or 10th grader (or international equivalent) in school for the upcoming fall;
  • Familiar with the routines and expectations of BDC or through other past camp and/or work experience with children; 
  • Able to demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively, set and achieve personal goals, demonstrate positive and effective leadership among peers and young children, be self-reflective, and act as a positive role model;
  • Able to document current abilities in activity areas through past experience, portfolios, certificates, and by formal recommendation or interview upon request.


Start your Camper Leader Application Process HERE. Once your initial application has been reviewed, the BDC director team will invite you to fill out the written interview portion of the application.



All CL Program participants are considered “campers” The program is developed and run by the full-time Camper Leader Director – an experienced BDC staff member (often a professional teacher) accomplished in leadership training and experienced in working with high schoolers. Participants meet with the CL Director on the first day of camp for orientation, to determine personal goals, group goals and to go over the expectations in place for all CLs. During lunches, the CLs are encouraged to take part in roundtable discussions on current events and themes in camp and the world, moderated by the CL Director. Guest speakers may also be invited to join the CLs for lunch. At the close of the experience, CLs complete a Self Evaluation and meet with the CL Director individually. The CL Director will also complete a final evaluation for each CL and will review that evaluation with the CL on his/her last day. Parents are invited to request feedback and share insights regularly, with the CL Director. The camp office assists parents in connecting with the CL Director, by phone, email, or in-person meeting. 



A limited number of CLs are accepted to the BDC CL Program each summer. Applicants are accepted on the basis of submitted material, past experience, program availability, and in some instances at the camp director request, a personal interview. Please contact our office by telephone (888) 396-CAMP(2267), or email with further questions.

Camper Leader Program Rates (Grades 9-10):

Enrollment Fee: $75
Weekly: $775
Holiday Week (Week 1: July 5-7): $515
Full Summer:$5,165

The enrollment fee will be processed at the time of initial application. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the Camper Leadership Program. Upon acceptance into the program, half of the tuition is due, the remaining balance is due by May 1st.


CLP Community Service Credit

Many high schools require Community Service Hours as a minimum requirement for graduation. BDC is pleased to support these requirements by providing written documentation regarding a CL’s volunteer work with young children at camp. If you are interested in CL Community Service Credit, please contact the camp office for proper documentation of your participant hours. We are also happy to work with a school’s specific documentation needs. Please let us know how we can help, and provide us with your school’s forms or contact info for the appropriate person at your school. Community service documentation may be requested at any time throughout the summer and off-season, by contacting the Camp Office, once hours are completed by the CL participant.