Brewster Day Camp (3rd-8th Graders)

Camp ProgramBDC’s flexible weekly schedule is designed to accommodate the needs of individual campers and their families.

The following describes the BDC schedule and our activities.

Spanning seven 1-week sessions, BDC offers full-day full-week schedules (Monday through Friday) for ages 8-14.

The following is the daily camp schedule for campers ages 8 to 14 (rising 3rd through 8th grade):

8:00-8:45drop-off & check-in
8:50CAMP DAY BEGINS Camp Starts
9:00-12:00Morning activities with Tent Groups
12:30 - 1:00Hill Time
1:00 - 4:00Choice Periods & Free-Swim
4:00-4:15Snack and Closing Assemblies
4:15CAMP DAY ENDS Camp Ends

Summer Programs




Tent Groups  – 3rd-8th grade campers are divided by age into six tent groups. A camper’s tent group is their family for the week at BDC. Groups are generally between 20-30 campers with 4 university students or professional teachers as Counselors.

2022 BDC Tent Groups

Lasers: Rising 3rd and 4th Grade Girls

Javelins: Rising 3rd and 4th Grade Boys

Baybirds: Rising 5th and 6th Grade Girls

Lightning: Rising 5th and 6th Grade Boys

Wiannos: Rising 7th and 8th Grade Girls

Flying Dutchmen: Rising 7th and 8th Grade Boys






Our additional programs include:

Camper Leader Program: 14-16 year-olds (9th-10th grade)

Mariners Hill Camp: 6-8-year-olds (1st and 2nd grade)

Young Children’s Program (YCP): Infant through Kindergarten

BDC Programs 

Program Heads create scope and sequence curricula in each area. Because the Counselors engage with the campers during the activities, BDC campers enjoy an adult to camper ratio of approximately 1:6. Many BDC Activities are of our own creation. These activities emphasize creative play and interpersonal skills building in various ways.



The following is a list of all BDC Programs:

Archery: Campers follow the established standards of the National Archery Association to learn safety, technique, and concentration while enjoying the thrills of shooting arrows into targets with bows. At Archery, BDC campers learn to control their breathing and their focus while earning target points and achieving rank work.
ART: Campers enjoy a unique curriculum created with equal emphasis on the art process, art production, art history, and art critique. Campers enjoy honing their skills in making as well as discussing art and exploring personal expression in our program.
BASE: Boating And Sailing Experience is BDC's idyllic lakefront program. In an extremely safe environment, campers explore canoes, kayaks, Day Sailors, Sunfish, and 420 sailboats in both Little and Big Cliff Ponds in Nickerson State Park. Campers, counselors and BASE staff wear USSC approved Personal Floatation Devices and are overseen by our certified equipment and safety director from our launch boat and from within the camper boats. At BASE, campers have the opportunity to learn boating and sailing skills and enjoy the beautiful Cape Cod waterfront.
BDOC: Brewster Day Camp Outdoor Challenge Brewster Day Camp Outdoor Challenge is home to our camp's Low Ropes Challenge Course, comprising a ten-element course and fostering teamwork through group and individual challenges. The BDOC Activity Head is a certified and experienced Low Ropes Instructor who facilitates communication within the group, as well as teaches problem-solving and individual leadership skills.
ECOD: Everything Cape Cod is our nature activity thus named to entice campers to become environmentalists and naturalists while learning the joys of living on a healthy planet and embracing ways to take care of our precious Earth. ECOD has its home base in our Science Yurt though campers travel by foot into the adjoining park to explore frog ponds as well as travel off campus by bus to all sorts of interesting venues. This activity also incorporates STEAM concepts into its curriculum.
LEAP: Learn Explore Adventure Program focuses on campers’ ability to explore interpersonal relationships and their connections to each other as well as the larger community by exploring the 70+ locations around Cape Cod that BDC frequently travels to. This program offers campers the opportunity for social coaching and oversight of group play. Campers will sharpen their social/emotional tools while embracing community service projects and work together in exciting ways to make the world a better place for all while exploring and adventuring - hiking and biking around Cape Cod's ponds, beaches, bogs, and parks.
MUGS: Our Sports program MUGS (Mixed Up Games and Sports), teaches campers basic athletic skills focusing on multiple sports per week. Campers have the opportunity to learn traditional games as well as create their own rules for existing or new games. In our Sports program, campers learn that creativity can be found on a big sandy ball field while also learning the values around sportsmanship.
STAR: Song Theater and Rhythm! Campers will engage in a variety of musical and theatrical activities, games and challenge exercises. BDC's costume and prop-filled yurt, and open air stages provide campers with a whimsical environment for learning and preforming. Admirals Hill campers and Camper Leaders will also have the opportunity to participate in the weekly Players Performance that takes place each Friday afternoon.
Swimming Opportunities: Regardless of age or skill level, every camper has the opportunity to sign up for a private Red Cross Swim Lesson in our environmentally-friendly pool at the end of the camp day. All campers will participate in a Red Cross swim lesson each morning, and have the opportunity to visit the pool for a free-swim which is included in the tuition for the week. BDC's many Red Cross Certified lifeguards remain vigilant about safety when campers are in or near any water. Additionally, our pool is open and lifeguarded every evening so that campers may enjoy a Family Swim with their loved ones!