Please Note: Though we accept applications throughout the winter and spring, BDC tends to fill nearly all staff positions by early March. Applications received any time thereafter may not result in an interview if no open positions exists. Interviews are only scheduled for open positions after this application is received along with 3 completed references. Though the strongest applications may be saved for the following summer, those applicants still interested are encouraged to re-apply in January when the most opportunity exists.

Personal Information
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Positions at Brewster Day Camp for which you would like to apply
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Tent Counselor for year old children.
Activity Head for activity.
Art Staff
Waterfront Staff
Swim Staff
Office Staff
Infant Swim
Toddler Staff
Preschool Staff
Please check as many of the activities listed below that you have experience doing and with assistance could teach:

Arts Science Sports
Theater/ Drama Hiking Archery
Song Leading Outdoor Cooking Bicycling
Visual Art Orienteering Group Games
Guitar Environmental Ed. Roller Blading
Team Sports Waterfront  
Basketball Boating    
Kickball Sailing    
Volleyball Competitive Sailing    
Soccer Swimming    
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Lifesaving Expiration Date:
US Small Boat Instr. Expiration Date:
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High School Diploma    
Special Ed.    
State Teaching Cert.    
Character Reference and/or Work Experience
Please complete the following information regarding three people who will be completing references on your behalf. Please distribute the BDC Staff Reference Form to each of these individuals for their completion and return. The easiest way to do this is to paste the following link into an email so that they may complete the form in a timely manner.
Your references WILL NOT automatically receive this link... Please provide it to them, and note that your application is not considered complete until ALL 3 references are returned to us.
Name of Reference:
Your position or relationship to them:
Organization if any:
Name of Reference:
Your position or relationship to them:
Organization if any:
Name of Reference:
Your position or relationship to them:
Organization if any:
Written Interview  
What is your comfort level in and around: Canoes
Why do you want to work at Brewster Day Camp?   characters left.
List three things that you will contribute to the BDC staff.  
What teams have you worked with or been a part of recently?  
Name one personal strength and one weakness:  
Did you go to summer camp? If so, what type of camp and for how long? What was your fondest memory?  
What are your interests, hobbies?  
With what age child do you feel most successful working? Years
What do you love about this age child?  
What frustrates you most about this age child?  
What are the three most important things for this child to learn and do at camp?  
What else would you like us to know?  

I hereby affirm that the information provided in this application and any submitted material is true and complete. I understand that any false or misleading representations or omissions may disqualify me from further consideration for employment and may result in discharge if discovered at a later date. I understand that completion of this application does not assure me of a position at Brewster Day Camp. I also understand that any employment relationship that may be established will be "at will" and may be terminated at any time, with or without cause, by me or Brewster Day Camp. I hereby authorize Brewster Day Camp to investigate all information pertinent to my application in order to determine my qualifications for employment. I hereby authorize all persons and organizations having information relevant to my application to provide that information to Brewster Day Camp and I hereby agree to hold harmless Brewster Day Camp and all those providing information to it from any liability arising out of or as a result of the provisions or use of such information. I understand that any offer of employment may be rescinded if my references are inadequate or unacceptable to Brewster Day Camp.

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