At Brewster Day Camp, we work closely with families to ensure the success and safety of all campers on our campus. BDC is a fully-integrated mainstream camp and we work hard to provide the appropriate accommodations for all campers, especially those with special needs.

BDC considers highly allergic campers, campers with unique social, cognitive, physical, or emotional needs, or campers who have learning differences to be campers with special needs. Enrolling adults are expected to inform the camp prior to enrollment, if your child has ANY special needs.

Upon enrolling, you are asked to complete the Plan for Camper Success form which details your desires for your child's success at BDC.

If you child has any type of IEP (Individualized Education Plan) from his/her school or from a private consultant, this written plan must be provided to BDC upon enrolling.

If your child has a one-on-one Aide during the school year or your child leaves the classroom for significant ongoing academic and/or social-emotional services, your child may, at the discretion of our Administrative Team, need a Camper Assistant assigned to them at BDC. There are times when BDC deems it necessary for a child to have a Camper Assistant at camp even though the child may not have an Aide during the school year. The cost of the Camper Assistant is born by the registering adult. Family members are not eligible to serve as Camper Assistants at BDC.

In some instances, an interview with members of the BDC Administrative Team is required prior to enrollment at BDC to determine the best methods of support possible for your child at camp. The BDC Administrative Team consists of a licensed certified special needs teacher, a child life specialist, a registered nurse, and numerous Masters level education administrators.

Brewster Day Camp's Plan for Camper Success

Upon enrollment, the registering adult must complete the Plan for Camper Success form. This document details your desires for your child's success while at BDC and asks questions about your child's specific needs. If your child has a formal IEP (Individualized Education Plan), please attach or fax a copy with the completed Plan for Camper Success form. After the camp administration team has reviewed these materials, you will be contacted to discuss the details of these plans.


If your child has a significant allergy worthy of carrying a filled prescription for an Epi Pen, BDC determines this camper to have a special need. As the enrolling parent, you are expected to complete the BDC Plan for Camper Success form detailing your desires for the proper support and care of your child while at camp. BDC offers a wide variety of snack food to all campers. If your child has food restrictions, at your direction, BDC ensures that your child will only be offered appropriate food which you provide or deem safe for your child's consumption. BDC does not restrict food served to all campers due to the special needs of one child. BDC is eager to work collaboratively with parents to ensure the safety of your child with allergies. In order for your child with severe food allergies to be at Brewster Day Camp, you must understand and agree with BDC's food allergy policy. If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Camp Director immediately.


Meetings and Reviews

For campers with learning differences and/or special needs, there are at least three meetings between the family and the camp. These meetings may be informal and are included in the tuition and fees.

  • Meeting #1 - Prior to start of the child's time at camp, this meeting is between the family and all BDC constituents responsible for the camper's success. This meeting may take place on the telephone as a conference call with necessary constituents.
  • Meeting #2 - After 3-5 days of camp, this meeting is to evaluate the effectiveness of the support systems created for the camper's success at BDC. At this time, BDC and/or the family reserves the right to change any part of the system created.
  • Meeting #3 - At the end of the camper's time at camp, this meeting evaluates and documents in writing the effective systems created for camper success.

Thank You!

BDC understands that supporting a successful child with special needs and/or learning differences can be a daunting task. We applaud the work that you do on behalf of your unique and wonderful child. We now join you in this important endeavor and are eager to support your entire family. Please let us know, at any time, how we can best do this. Thank you for choosing to partner with us in the life of your child!