Those new to BDC very quickly realize that we use many acronyms and BDC'isms which help to create our unique culture. The following is a short list of all things "BDC!"

Activity Beads - Each activity has a colored bead which campers may earn while at BDC.

AHAA - Admirals Hill Activity Achievement is a self directed yet adult guided way for campers 5-8th grade on Admirals Hill to explore specific activity curricula (both in-breadth and in-depth) by pursue excellence in areas of the campers' choosing.

BDC Players Performance - Each week campers choose to be part of the BDC Players and perform in front of the entire camp beginning at 3:15 on Friday afternoons - families and friends are welcome to attend the show!

BDOC - Brewster Day Camp Outdoor Challenge low ropes activity.

Central Schedule - Campers in their Tent Groups are directed by the Central Schedule to visit specific activities throughout the day.

CHGS+P - Courage Hope Good Spirit and Peace is our motto which campers and staff embody daily at BDC.

Choice Activity - Each morning, campers pick an afternoon activity for one hour or the entire afternoon (depending on age). Choice Activity periods are in co-ed groups of mixed ages by hill. Choice Activity encourages campers to revisit favorite games and to play with campers who are not regularly in their Tent Groups.

CIT - Counselor in Training is a paid staff member who works full time, is at least 17 years old, and is entering 12th grade. BDC typically has one or two per summer.

CLP - Camper Leadership Program for campers entering 9th and 10th grade.

Cubby - Each camper has a cubby in his/her tent into which is placed their backpack and lunch box. The camper's name is on the cubby and is theirs for the time that they are at BDC.

Explore - BDC activity which revolves around community service and self directed play.

Extras - BDC offers Lessons, Trips, Added Days, and Lunches for an additional fee. Please see Extras for details.

Family Swim - Each evening Monday- Friday from 5:00-6:30, a certified BDC Lifeguard opens our environmentally friendly pool free of charge. Bring the whole family for a swim and remember to bring a picnic!

Free Swim - Each afternoon, campers are offered the opportunity to have a supervised swim in the pool, at a nearby freshwater pond, or at a local salt water beach. BDC lifeguards are always on duty when campers are near or in any water.

Friday Morning Assembly - Each Friday, the camp family shares songs, stories, and memories of the week. There are two assemblies: 8:45-9:30 at Sailors Hill for campers on the hills (K-8th Graders) and from 9:30-10:00 at Mariners Hill for campers in The Young Children's Program (Infant-preschool). Families are welcome!

Hello and Go - After a camper's first day of camp when parents/guardians have met the counselors, campers on Sailors and Mariners Hills (entering grade 2-8) may use the Hello and Go for speedy drop offs in the morning.

Hill Board - Each of the three Hills has a Hill Board where campers and parents sign in and out each day using the Tent Clip Board. The Hill Board also has important information posted for that Hill such as the Central Schedule, WAVES, and other announcements.

LEAP - Learning Experiencing And Playing is an activity designed to introduce our youngest campers to BDC and to our unique philosophy.

Lessons - For an added fee, BDC offers Golf, Tennis, Horseback Riding, Sailing, and Semi-Private Swim lessons.

Main Deck - Our open air pavilion next to the pool is where special activities and meetings often take place.

MUGS - Mixed up games and stuff is BDC's outrageously fun activity which teaches campers the values around good sportsmanship and creative play.

Necklaces - On the first day of each camper's time at BDC, children on Mariners and Sailors Hill receive a camper necklace. Younger campers earn Activity Beads throughout the day and place these beads on their necklace

OCR - Older Camper responsibility for campers entering grades 5-8 on Admirals Hill and who wish to bow out of their tent group in order to assist younger campers for one activity period.

Rainy Day Schedule - When weather prevents campers from enjoying activities outside, BDC moves off the Central Schedule and onto a Rainy day Schedule where by campers, in their tent groups, meet Program staff in dry locations to continue to learn and have fun at BDC!

STAR - Song Theater And Rhythm is BDC's music and theater activity.

Tent Groups and Hills - Each camper is assigned a Tent Group made up of same gender and similar age campers. Tent Groups are gathered together by Hill. The following lists the Hills and the Tent Groups on that Hill:

Mariners Hill: K-1st Grade (Tent Groups are named for ocean creatures)

  • Girls: Dolphins, White Sharks
  • Boys: Blue Fish, Green Seahorses

Sailors Hill: 2-4th Grade (Tent Groups are named for sailboats)

  • Girls: Windjammers, Beetle Cats, Lasers
  • Boys: Sprites, Hobbie Cats, Javelins

Admirals Hill: 5-8th Grade (Tent Groups are named for sailboats)

  • Girls: Bay Birds, Wiannos
  • Boys: Lightnings, Flying Dutchmen

Water Wizz - An exciting water theme park in Wareham, MA complete with water rides, thrills, and spills! For an added fee, BDC campers and their non-camper friends may join our staff on one of three BDC sponsored Water Wizz Trips. See Extras for details.

WAVES - BDC's weekly newsletter published every Monday and goes home with every camper in his/her lunch box.

Welcome Song - Everyone is sung to when they come to's the song:

We welcome you to BDC, We're mighty glad you're here!
We'll send the air reverberating with a mighty cheer.

We'll sing you in, We'll dance you out.
We will raise a mighty SHOUT!
Hail, hail, the gangs all here, At BDC this year!

WOW - Wonders of the World-erness is BDC's nature activity teaching campers to be excellent naturalists and caring stewards of our planet.